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Quick and pratical on-line workshop

Brainstorm - get it right

A good brainstorm gives you about 100 ideas from which you can choose the best ones. And the participants of a good brainstorm feel good – during and after (because they have a cool idea they can implement).

A bad brainstorm gives 3 ideas and it’s hard to squeeze anything out of them – let alone quality. And the participants are demotivated because they think they are not creative and have to implement ideas of questionable quality.

We will teach you how to do a good brainstorm.

3 hour online workshop

certificate of participation in training

original script for brainstorming included in the price of the training

set of materials from the training

small groups

We work during the hours: 1-4 PM (13:00-16:00)

Brainstorm is a technique for group work. Or actually techniques - because there are many types of brainstorms. The goal of a brainstorm is simple - to generate as many good ideas as possible.

generating a large number of ideas. It is not a simple technique – because when you use it, you hope that the brainstorm participants will come up with these good ideas. But whether this happens depends not only on the working principles themselves, but also on how the person running the brainstorm implements them. In addition, there are factors beyond control – a worse day, or simply an unwillingness to work together. Nevertheless, knowing a few techniques, what they mean and how they work on people allows you to react to such unforeseen situations.

  • ludzie na szkoleniu design thinking - hearts&heads

Learn to make a good brainstorm to get more good ideas!

Training framework and topics:
  • Brainstorming warm-up 😊
  • Brainstorm – what it is, how it works and what it’s all about
  • Silent brainstorming – a technique that often gives better results
  • Reverse brainstorming – a technique for breaking an impasse
  • Classic “Stanford” brainstorming
  • Analysis technique from quantity to quality
  • Summary and conclusion of the training
What will you gain:
  • You will gain knowledge about what a good brainstorm is and what role it plays in the creative work of a team
  • You will understand the principles behind the psychology of creativity and brainstorming 😉 
  • You will learn and be able to apply 4 specific group work techniques that support coming up with good ideas
  • You will learn about the traps waiting for brainstormers and how to avoid them
  • You will receive a simple pdf script and slides to use in organizing brainstorms
  • You will gain practical experience of good team brainstorming
  • Certificate confirming your participation in the training

Who is this training for?

For anyone who wants to improve their effectiveness in coming up with new and actionable ideas. Good ideas are needed in every organization and job today, so this course is simply for everyone 🙂 It can be especially useful for people:

  • Working in R&D, design, advertising and other areas where finding good ideas is part of daily work.
  • Coordinating the work of teams (e.g. leaders and managers, scrum masters, agile coaches).
  • Those who want to develop creative competences in organisations – e.g. people working on the positions of HR business partner, people & culture, learning & development.

What will it look like?

> The training is one 3-hour meeting

> The training will take place…..

> We will be running the meeting using Zoom (just click on the link we will send you to join the meeting)

> The meetings are interactive - there will be an opportunity for discussion and collaboration with the leading participant(s), so you will need a working microphone and camera

> Na zakończenie dostaniesz od nas gotowy skrypt prowadzenia zespołowego brainstormu

> At the end you will receive a certificate and a script to conduct a team brainstorm

We worked with:

Opinions of our workshop participants


Byłam zaskoczona jak dobre to były warsztaty! Najbardziej podobały mi się cenne uwagi dotyczące zarządzania grupą i radzenia sobie z różnymi sytuacjami podczas moderacji warsztatów.Kinga

5 out of 5


Through the workshop, I feel well prepared to lead creative processes with the teams I work with every day. In a clear and interesting way I learned about the tools thanks to which I know how to release the potential and engage my colleagues in the search for innovations. The online form of the whole thing was also very accessible. Participation in the workshop was a great idea.Piotr Sołowij


Warsztaty zdecydowanie polecam każdemu - nieważne na jakim poziomie kreatywności jesteś. Ze szkolenia wyniesiesz umiejętność tworzenia/wymyślania dobrych pomysłów oraz otrzymasz wiedzę jak ustrukturyzować ten proces w grupie, dzięki czemu praca zespołu stanie się bardziej efektywna.Anna Kulma


Polecam warsztaty gdyż wyzwalają kreatywność, są szansą wymiany doświadczeń. Dla mnie osobiście ważny był cykl burzy mózgów i analiza poszczególnych faz. Dzięki warsztatowej pracy i wspaniałej grupie udało mi się wychwycić błędy w swoim myśleniu o procesie działania grupowego i roli moderatora, za co z góry dziekujęKasia


Janek Strycharz

Janek Strycharz – Economist with experience in market research, consumer research, or – more broadly – in gathering information about customer experiences and needs. During the last 10 years of his professional activity, he was the author and executor of many training projects, workshops and conferences on business and social innovation. He conducts innovative processes using knowledge about customers to introduce improvements in products, services, or internal processes (e.g. recruitment or improving employees’ competences). He has cooperated with business and non-governmental organizations, as well as with public administration entities. He is an experienced moderator of processes based on the Design Thinking methodology. He educated in Poland, UK, Germany and USA. At the core of his work is the belief that “making innovation” requires a complex set of competencies, which can – and should – be developed on a continuous basis. In his private life he is passionate about spending time outdoors, snowboarding and rock climbing. He is the founder of Social Innovation Workshop Foundation (Fundacja Warsztat Innowacji Społecznych – and hearts&heads agency (

Learn how to make a good brainstorm so your team has more good ideas!

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