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Complex training

How to have good ideas?

Online training on how to support team creativity and how to increase the effectiveness of group meetings dedicated to generating ideas to solve challenges faced by your team or your organization – key competencies in times of change, turbulence and general uncertainty. Learn how to run creative processes well!

We worked with:

12 hours of interactive online training:

certificate of participation in training

our e-book “Guide for the facilitator of creative processes” in the price of training

set of materials from the training

60 minutes of individual consultations for everyone as a follow-up to the training

small group: 12 participants

Cena: 990 PLN netto

It used to be thought that creativity was magic. Then, that it was the ability of exceptional individuals. Today, many companies know how to plan and lead team collaboration to exploit the creative potential of every person involved. Join them and learn how to run creative processes and make teams have more good ideas.

What new functionalities to introduce in the product? How to improve on-boarding of new employees? Where to get ideas for original and effective promotional activities? These are examples of various problems that teams solve on a daily basis. And each solution is preceded by a creative process that leads to it.

The good news is that this process can be realistically improved by using the principles and tools of creative work. In short, you can make teams have more good, fresh and implementable ideas.

Want to learn more about what the creative process is? Check out this article on our blog: “Creativity is a process and it doesn’t happen in the bathtub”.

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Learn to design and lead creative processes so that every minute your team works is an investment in innovation and effective solutions.

Training framework and topics
  • A model of the creative process
  • Two types of thinking and their role in creativity
  • Conditions of good inspiration
  • Ideation and its characteristics
  • Brainstorming of the Stanford type as a basis for ideation
  • The most important psychological traps of creative thinking and cooperation
  • The principle of “quantity turns into quality” – its role and validity in team creative processes
  • The ‘now-how-wow’ matrix as a tool for analysis and selection
  • Prototyping as process support – what it is, how to do it and whether it is worth it
What will you gain
  • Gain an understanding of those aspects of the psychology of creativity that are most transferable to practice
  • Understand the most important principles governing the creative process
  • You will be able to design and carry out a creative process for yourself and for a group of people working with you
  • You will learn and be able to apply 6 specific teamwork tools useful in the creative process
  • E-book – script that will help you apply the proposed solutions in your organization
  • Presentation – slides, thanks to which you will better explain certain concepts to your team
  • Practical experience of team creative work (meetings are workshops, and during them teams solve a specific problem)
  • Consultations – opportunity to discuss about implementation of the tools in your organization
  • Certificate confirming participation in the training in moderating creative team meetings

Who is this training for?

This training is designed for anyone who solves problems that require innovative solutions. This training will be especially useful to those who work in teams on improvements of various types. Perhaps you design products or services, or you invent and implement improvements to organizational processes – each of these tasks requires a creative approach to the challenges you are to solve.

You run a business, you are a manager, a product owner, someone in charge of product or marketing strategies, or maybe you deal with HR issues in your organization. This training will bring new tools for creative collaboration to your work.

What will it look like?

> The training was divided into 3 online meetings

> The training will take place…..

> We will be running the meeting using Zoom (just click on the link we will send you to join the meeting)

> The meetings are interactive - there will be an opportunity for discussion and collaboration with the leading participant(s), so you will need a working microphone and camera

> At the end you will receive a certificate and an e-book, which is a ready script for leading team creative processes

> Wystawimy także certyfikat potwierdzający odbycie szkolenia

> Free 60 minutes of individual consultations for everyone as a follow-up to the training


Janek Strycharz

Janek StrycharzEconomist with experience in market research, consumer research, or – more broadly – in gathering information about customer experiences and needs. During the last 10 years of his professional activity, he was the author and executor of many training projects, workshops and conferences on business and social innovation. He conducts innovative processes using knowledge about customers to introduce improvements in products, services, or internal processes (e.g. recruitment or improving employees’ competences). He has cooperated with business and non-governmental organizations, as well as with public administration entities. He is an experienced moderator of processes based on the Design Thinking methodology. He educated in Poland, UK, Germany and USA. At the core of his work is the belief that “making innovation” requires a complex set of competencies, which can – and should – be developed on a continuous basis. In his private life he is passionate about spending time outdoors, snowboarding and rock climbing. He is the founder of Social Innovation Workshop Foundation (Fundacja Warsztat Innowacji Społecznych – and hearts&heads agency (


Łukasz MaźnicaEconomist, Design Thinking coach, user experience researcher with 5 years of experience in qualitative and quantitative research. As a mentor and advisor he works with companies, public administration and NGOs. As a lecturer he cooperates with AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, where he conducts classes on Design Thinking. As an external expert he has implemented projects commissioned by and in cooperation with, among others: Center for Evaluation and Analysis of Public Policies at Jagiellonian University, Foundation for Economy and Public Administration, or Malopolska Institute of Culture.

Opinions of our workshop participants

“The professional care of mentors, who stimulate creativity with the help of innovative methods and tools, results in a set of ready solutions and ideas for developing and improving the initiatives undertaken, as well as tips for their implementation.” Anna

“…The support of professional trainers, creative approach to work, friendly atmosphere during the meetings made the time spent on the project valuable for the development of our competences and motivation as well as opening to even stronger listening to our needs…”Aleksandra

“The time spent, the substantive introduction and going through the entire project process, but also the cooperation with experts was invaluable and brought concrete results.”Kasper

Learn how to design and lead creative processes so that every minute your team works is an investment in innovation and effective solutions!

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