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Badamy klientów, odkrywamy ich motywacje, żeby ulepszać produkty i usługi, które odpowiadają na ich potrzeby. Pracujemy w oparciu o metodę Design Thinking.

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Why DesignThinking?

Design Thinking is a method for creating innovative products and services that address real user needs.

Design Thinking method has its origins in working methods used by designers creating things that are useful and also easy and fun to use. Apple’s first computer mouse for home computers was designed using this method. But over the past decade, Design Thinking has also made a dizzying career outside of design. Today, it is used in many areas of business – R&D, product and service development, marketing, management, or HR – wherever it is understood that customer, user, and employee experiences are essential.

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Improving existing products and services

Any product can be improved to give the most positive experience to those who use it. You can also improve the packaging, the way you communicate, the place of sale or the way you serve. Make them useful, easy and pleasant to use.


Develop brand new products and services

Creative processes are always dynamic, but they don’t have to be chaotic. Design Thinking is like a compass. Start by understanding the actual needs of your user. Generate many possible product ideas. Test early versions. You can do this with physical products, digital products, and services.


More people-oriented organizations

Half of the processes we run as Hearts & Heads are designed to make tangible improvements to the organization. More pleasant recruitment and onboarding processes. A culture of innovation that works. More meaning from work. Design Thinking allows you to achieve this, plus get your team involved in coming up with and executing that change, making it much easier to implement.


We are part of the MURAL Consultant Network – an international network of online facilitators.

We help companies create products and services that meet customer needs.

We support teams in creating unique and effective business solutions. We organize and conduct creative processes and deal with research and customer experiences. The combination of psychological, sociological and economic competencies makes us realistically combine the perspective of the audience with a good understanding of business processes and market requirements.

Łukasz Maźnica - hearts&heads
Łukasz Maźnica

Economist, Design Thinking coach, user experience researcher with 5 years of experience in qualitative and quantitative research.

Seweryn Rudnicki

Psychologist, PhD in sociology, Design Thinking coach, researcher with 10 years of experience in qualitative and quantitative research, specialist in innovation culture.

Dawid Sobolak - hearts&heads
Dawid Sobolak

Economist, manager of business and social projects, Design Thinking coach with 6 years of experience, user experience researcher.

Janek Strycharz - hearts&heads
Jan Strycharz

Economist, Design Thinking trainer, researcher with 10 years of experience in qualitative and quantitative research, expert on innovation creation and implementation.

Kasia Habryn

Economist, manager of business and social projects, user experience researcher.

We worked with:

Motorola Solutions || HSBC || Comarch || Martes || Schwitzke i Górski || Uniwersytet Jagielloński || Miasto Kraków  || Krakowski Park Technologiczny || Project: People || Seedia || Stowarzyszenie Wiosna || Centrum Cyfrowe || Małopolski Instytut Kultury || Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza || Miasto Warszawa || Fundacja Gospodarki i Administracji Publicznej || Wojewódzki Urząd Pracy w Krakowie || Omnisense || PostMaster || 3D Gence || Open Eyes Economy Summit || Brainly

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