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This way of working produces the best results. We will build a project team from your co-workers and solve the chosen problem. Do you need to redesign a product or service? Improve customer experience? Or maybe improve employee experience? We will lead you through these challenges using Design Thinking and Service Design tools. The result will be a set of tested prototypes of solutions and a team that from now has the Design Thinking method in its blood.


Through practical examples, we teach and demonstrate what Design Thinking i Service Design are and how to use them in your organization. We also share our experience moderating creative processes and meetings. Our training is about learning through experience – 80% of the time we use for workshop work. We also do not forget to equip your team with our original set of educational materials. Do you have precise expectations regarding the training? We can prepare an offer tailored to your needs.


We plan and implement user research and turn the results into insights to develop even better products and services. We will also carry out product and service tests. They can concern the offer already functioning on the market as well as solutions that you are just planning to implement. During the tests we will examine your users. We will learn about their experiences, map their expectations, preferences and needs. It will allow us to discover how your offer “works” for your clients. Together we will develop a Customer Journey Map. We gain knowledge to inspire changes and innovations.

They trusted us:

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Why Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a method for creating innovative products and services that address real user needs.

It comes from the working methods used by designers creating things that are useful and also easy and fun to use. Apple’s first computer mouse for home computers was designed using this very method. But over the past decade, Design Thinking has also made a dizzying career outside of design. Today, it is used in many areas of business – R&D, product and service development, marketing, management, or HR – wherever it is understood that customer, user, and employee experiences are essential.

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Stages of the process

The main assumption of Design Thinking is to put the recipient and his/her needs at the center. Working with this method consists of several stages.

  1. First, interviews and observations are conducted, then we are looking for deeper insights and conclusions in the data collected.

  2. Then, using various methods to support creativity, ideas for solutions are generated. Very many ideas.

  3. A selection of these are turned into solution prototypes - fast, simple and cheap.

  4. These prototypes are tested with real users, developed and modified.

We run processes focused on:

  • Inventing a new product
  • Designing a new service
  • Improve a product or service
  • Improve your company’s marketing efforts
  • Improving Employee Experience
  • Improving recruitment and onboarding processes
  • Improving systems of knowledge and know-how delivery to the organization

How the process looks like


Bring together a diverse team


Defining the challenge


Conducting a needs research


Defining key insights


Conducting ideation focused on coming up with many possible solutions


Selecting the ideas with the most potential




Collect user feedback


Drawing conclusions and helping to build an implementation plan

Key benefits

Good and innovative ideas
Mapa wdrożeniowa innowacji
A committed team
Motivation to implement innovations
Increased knowledge on creativity and management of innovation processes
Increase the company’s innovation culture, innovation-friendly attitudes

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