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Design Thinking Intro

Start your adventure with Design Thinking! Sign up for a fast and practical training on Design Thinking, which will allow you to not only learn in theory, but above all experience the entire process of solving problems with this method. During the course you will understand what the process is, what are the different stages of it and what are the basic tools that you can use. You will also learn why it is not worth starting from coming up with solutions, but from getting to know the user. Above all, you will find out if Design Thinking is something for you without huge time or financial investments – fast, practical and fun 😉.

We worked with:

Light and easy: 3 meetings of 135 minutes each……

You can use: set of materials from the training

A real workshop: knowledge, tools, exercises – online, but all “live”

You can show off: certificate of participation in training

Small group (maximum 16 people), 2 trainers

Extra: 45 minutes of individual consultations for everyone as a follow-up to the training

690 PLN + 23% Vat

The Design Thinking method is currently recognized as one of the most effective methods for developing innovation by employee teams. The method was developed at Delft University of Technology and Stanford University. It is used by technology companies around the world - Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, GE, Siemens, Airbnb, Uber or Spotify.

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Design Thinking is a methodology of work of a research-creative nature, which gives tools to get to know people and their current needs in a deeper way. It encourages you to look at the customer or user from a broader perspective – in a more in-depth way and taking into account the relationships in which they participate. It is from these observations that inspiration for completely new products or ideas for development of existing ones are born. The method also provides tools for monitoring how human needs evolve – and today’s rapidly changing market requires such monitoring.

In September 2019, a Harvard Business Review author posited that Design Thinking is a social technology with a positive impact on orchestrating the process of finding innovative solutions (Why design thinking works?).


Want to learn more about what the Design Thinking method is? Check out our blog article: “What is Design Thinking?


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Sign up for Design Thinking training. Get to know the method from the practical side and learn what each of the five stages of the process consists of.

Training framework and topics

Day 1 You will go through the full Design Thinking process

Day 2: You will learn an example of how to use the method and important working principles for Design Thinking

Day 3 You will learn the basics of interview design – a few specifics about the most important tool of Design Thinking

What will you gain:
  • Learn the practical side of Design Thinking in a short 90 minute sprint
  • Learn a few of the keys to Design Thinking and understand the specifics of the method and the value it offers in the business world
  • Learn what each of the five stages of Design Thinking is: empathy-definition-ideation-typing-testing
  • Understand what user interviewing is and design your first interview in a simple simulation
  • You will learn everything in a light and agile way – you will finish the course in three days investing only 120 minutes a day, without much disruption to your daily schedule or work
  • You will have contact with other participants and trainers – this course is an agile, live, online workshop, not some boring webinars 🙂 – you will have access to the training materials and a certificate of participation.
  • Training materials packet and certificate confirming participation in the training
  • Consultations – opportunity to discuss implementation of the discussed tools in your organization

Who is this training for?

For anyone involved in creating and/or improving products, services, or business processes (like recruiting, onboarding, or whatever 😊). Especially for those people who want to learn how to gather meaningful customer knowledge (including internal) and use it to improve solutions.

It will be useful for R&D staff, product owners, product managers, project managers, scrum masters, UX managers, team leaders, internal trainers, marketing and communication specialists, innovation and development specialists, and anyone working with new products and process and organizational improvements.
You will find this course especially useful if:
– you run a company, are a manager, product owner, person responsible for product or marketing strategies
– you design or want to design products and services
– you lead teams working with agile techniques (agile, lean), you organize the work of teams
– you deal with competence development in your organization.
– You want to check if Design Thinking is something for you before you decide to take a longer – e.g. one-week course 😉 .

What will it look like?

> The training is divided into 3 online meetings of 135 minutes each

> The training will take place….

> We will be running the meeting using Zoom (just click on the link we will send you to join the meeting)

> The meetings are interactive - there will be an opportunity for discussion and collaboration with the leading participant(s), so you will need a working microphone and camera

> At the end you will receive a certificate and a packet of materials from us, as well as a set of recommended resources on Design Thinking

> Extra: 45 minutes of individual consultations for everyone as a follow-up to the training

Opinions of our workshop participants


Zgrany duet przeprowadził grupę przez szkolenie płynnie, aktywnie, w odpowiedniej relacji "zakres materiału - czas", efektywnie używając narzędzi do pracy zdalnej. Było warto uczestniczyć.Wojciech Soldaty

5 out of 5


Warsztaty przeprowadzone dynamicznie i interaktywnie, co w formie zdalnej nie jest łatwo uzyskać i za to przede wszystkim należą się prowadzącemu wielkie brawa! Poza tym świetne materiały poszkoleniowe i dalsze wsparcie - naprawdę warto skorzystać!Justyna Wysowska


Wspaniałe warsztaty, pozwalające rozwinąć umiejętności. Doskonałe prowadzenie i część merytoryczna. Zdecydowanie polecam i chętnie powtórzyłabym je w przyszłości. Jest to wiedza, którą warto utrwalać 🙂Monika


Janek Strycharz

Jan StrycharzEconomist with experience in market research, consumer research, or – more broadly – in gathering information about customer experiences and needs. During the last 10 years of his professional activity, he was the author and executor of many training projects, workshops and conferences on business and social innovation. He conducts innovative processes using knowledge about customers to introduce improvements in products, services, or internal processes (e.g. recruitment or improving employees’ competences). He has cooperated with business and non-governmental organizations, as well as with public administration entities. He is an experienced moderator of processes based on the Design Thinking methodology. He educated in Poland, UK, Germany and USA. At the core of his work is the belief that “making innovation” requires a complex set of competencies, which can – and should – be developed on a continuous basis. In his private life he is passionate about spending time outdoors, snowboarding and rock climbing. He is the founder of Social Innovation Workshop Foundation (Fundacja Warsztat Innowacji Społecznych – and hearts&heads agency (


Łukasz MaźnicaEconomist, Design Thinking coach, user experience researcher with 5 years of experience in qualitative and quantitative research. As a mentor and advisor he works with companies, public administration and NGOs. As a lecturer he cooperates with AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, where he conducts classes on Design Thinking. As an external expert he has implemented projects commissioned by and in cooperation with, among others: Center for Evaluation and Analysis of Public Policies at Jagiellonian University, Foundation for Economy and Public Administration, or Malopolska Institute of Culture.

Learn the Design Thinking method in practice!

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